Professional Licensing & Disciplinary Defense

Wisconsin Professional Licensing Attorney

Any businessperson needs to deal with complaints from unhappy customers. For licensed professionals, however, an allegation of wrongdoing can result in the loss of one’s license and livelihood.

If you are a licensed professional who is facing disciplinary action, censure, probation, or the suspension of your professional license, please contact a professional licensing lawyer at Halling & Cayo, S.C., for experienced legal counsel.

Working Today to Protect Your Future

Over the past 30 years, our professional licensing lawyers and disciplinary defense attorneys have earned an enviable reputation representing judges and attorneys, facing possible disciplinary sanctions for alleged professional misconduct. We also represent healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, psychiatrists, counselors, dentists, and chiropractors, who face disciplinary actions. In addition, we have assisted licensed professionals, including real estate agents, accountants, private detectives, and stockbrokers, in proceedings before the Department of Licensing and the appropriate self-regulatory bodies investigating customer complaints.

Through extensive lecturing and writing, and as a result of the success we have had in representing our clients, we have come to be considered by many as the preeminent law firm in the field of professional licensing defense in Wisconsin. 

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